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February 15, 2016
Building your Website and Blog
To Blog or Not to Blog: Building your Website and Blog
March 14, 2016

Tips for Generating Traffic to Your New Website

Tips for Generating Traffic to Your New Website

Tip #1:  Write content that people are looking for and that is targeted to your website’s purpose. Fill your website with high-quality information that serves a purpose and provides high value at the same time. People come to the internet looking for information, entertainment or to find the answer to a problem – do any combination of these three things on a regular basis and you’re sure to have a hit on your hands.

Tip #2:  Decide with a clear set of goals what you want to use your website for. Will it be to draw traffic to a service? To make money through affiliate marketing? To sell your own products? Or all of the above?

Tip #3:  Get out there and let people know your website exists! I’m not going to cover the dozens and dozens of ways to get traffic here. You need to build a plan you can follow and one that works for you. Understand that just because you build a website that doesn’t mean people will automatically find it.

Here are a few ways to get your website found:

  • Website directories – There are many paid and free directories available on the internet you can submit your website to.
  • Leave comments on blogs – Commenting on blogs brings you both traffic as well as incoming links if the blog has the no-follow attribute disabled.
  • Links from other websites – Links from popular websites is a good way to get both traffic and links as well.
  • Writing articles for other websites – By writing articles for popular websites you can build your reputation as an expert and increase traffic.
  • Link from your products – If you sell any physical or information products be sure to always make your website known on them.
  • Your email signature – You probably email a lot of people every single week. Get your website address at the bottom of those emails to get more people to your site.
  • Social media channels – Social media is all the rage these days and it can help you build relationships that translate into website exposure.
  • Partner pp with another high profile website owner – There are many ways you can partner with a website owner to create a mutually beneficial promotion. Just get creative!

Set your goals, stick to them and you’ll start to see your efforts pay off as you build a website that people love to come back to again and again.

Elan Kol
Elan Kol
Elan has an unsurpassed level of knowledge in his field of expertise. If you need help with your growing business, we are here to provide business consulting services, coaching and business mentoring to support your business development. Elan is a strong strategic thinker with great eye for detail and is also both creative and innovative, which gives him the ability to deliver exceptional results for both client companies and owned or started ventures.


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