Tips for Generating Traffic to Your New Website
Tips for Generating Traffic to Your New Website
February 22, 2016
How to Stop Wasting Time to Succeed as an Entrepreneur
How to Stop Wasting Time to Succeed as an Entrepreneur
March 21, 2016

To Blog or Not to Blog: Building your Website and Blog

Building your Website and Blog

You got to a place in life where you want to start writing your own blog, right? If you clicked on this blog post, we can probably assume that you don’t have any idea where to start, right? Well, let me tell you a secret—neither did we. When we started Seltek Consulting a few years ago, we didn’t really know how to start a blog, what would be the topics of the blog, let alone how to build a beautiful website so people like it and visit it.

The good news is, it’s easier than you think. We learned so much since we started out, and now you can learn from our pain and suffering to evade the ineffective routines and create a successful blog. The following is how we started our blog here at Seltek Consulting, step by step, with the login, insights and tips behind it all:

Domain, Hosting and Website Services

After deciding and choosing our company name, we needed to pick out a domain for our website and register it. We went to A Small Orange and register our domain right away. They offer a basic plan for $5 a month, which works for most people. Afterwards, we did a simple and short WordPress install, and of course, when we had questions, we were able to speak with the “Live Chat” representatives at A Small Orange for free of course; once they pointed us in the right direction, it was a super easy setup.

Website Theme

With a good website theme, you can have the  look and feel you want for your blog. Using the theme will allow you to design your blog precisely how you want it to be. If you are not a coder, a theme is an alternative to create a design for your website as easy as possible. Once you purchase your desirable theme, which are relatively inexpensive for the time they save you, it’s yours for a lifetime. A website theme has two functionalities: the framework (the structure) and the actual theme (the look and feel):

  • The Framework – Of course there are numerous WordPress theme frameworks on the market, but after a long search and after consulting with web developers, The Muffin Group is without a doubt the best and most easygoing choice. When most themes only handle the aesthetics of your new blog, The Muffin Group provides the imperative foundation for your theme.
  • The Theme – Once you The Muffin Group framework, you will need to choose the BeTheme you want for you blog. After you browse the collection of themes, and find the design that’s right for you, you can then move on to build your blog.

Building Your Blog

At this point we had our domain, hosting and website services, we have our WordPress theme setup and all we had to do was start to modify everything so we be satisfied. We found ourselves spending almost an entire week twitching the theme  in order to make our vision a reality and have the look and feel we wanted. We also setup a free MailChimp account so people could subscribe to our website via email and receive newsletter and updates. Additionally, we setup a free Google Analytics account to track the website’s statistics. MailChimp and Google Analytics were both very easy to sign-up for, and are still usable today.

Adding Plugins

Personally, we use only a few plugins on our website, such as Google Analytics, MailChimp, Social Media share-button and a few others. Adding plugins to your website will literally only take you a few seconds as it’s just a click of a button to install and setup.

Creating a Logo

We designed our logo using a talented upcoming graphic designer that also helped with other related endeavors along the way. Then we searched for free pictures as well as paid once to use throughout the website’s pages—it’s important to use people, because people identify with people, not logos.

Writing Compelling Content

After we had everything setup, we started writing content and uploading it as pages through the website: The Home Page, Services Page, About, Contact Us, Blog, etc. Finally, we started writing new blog posts and uploading them regularly each week until this very day.

Since that very day a few years ago, we publish weekly content and hope our visitors enjoy each and every one of our blogs.

Elan Kol
Elan Kol
Elan has an unsurpassed level of knowledge in his field of expertise. If you need help with your growing business, we are here to provide business consulting services, coaching and business mentoring to support your business development. Elan is a strong strategic thinker with great eye for detail and is also both creative and innovative, which gives him the ability to deliver exceptional results for both client companies and owned or started ventures.


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