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February 27, 2017
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March 13, 2017

To Blog or Not to Blog: The Author’s Dilemma of Guest Blogging

To Blog or Not to Blog: The Author's Dilemma of Guest Blogging

Did you ever receive an offer to to guest blog? Well, if you did or not is not the issue of the matter, but those who did get these offers might wonder – does guest blogging have any concrete added value to a writer or a business nowadays? Does it benefits me as a writer or helps my business with generating new opportunities, or is it just a lot of work for questionable gain?

This article will answer these questions with several possible answers. I find myself talking about this subject quite a lot with prospects and clients and this is one of the reasons I took some time to write this article. As most people are money, fame, traffic driven, the one question that drives almost all marketing messaging: “what’s in it for me?”

From my own personal perspective, there are reasons to submit guest posts that are all about business, along with a few that are personal. Myself, I enjoy the entire process of writing, and in my honest opinion, if this is not one of your reasons – don’t write at all. If you’re wondering whether it’s worth your time to share your articles with others or not—in this blog post I want to share a few of my own insights on the topic.Keep in mind that these reasons are just our opinions and suggestions, and are not based on any kind of empirical research.

Guest Blogging Can Be a Great Way to Connect With a New Audience

Suppose you have a fantastic idea that could help your customers, but you don’t have enough followers on your own blog or social media accounts to make an impact. In that case, sending your idea to be published elsewhere might be your best, or even your only chance to get the audience you desire to gain. You will still get the credit you deserve and you will have your bio as an author on as a guest blogger. The true benefit is that you get an additional and bigger base of readers. This all sound fantastic, right? Well, you need to write an interesting blog post that builds your trustworthiness with them. This is why you need to know your targeted audience beforehand in order to try and credibility raise your and even generate new leads.

Your Guest Blog Doesn’t Have to Be All about You or Your Business

Most marketers and businesses are likely to write guest posts because they want to attain more prospects, clients and customers and get their brand, products and services obtain better reach. However, there are non-business-related reasons to submit guest blog posts. For instance, you want to support a friend or contact who is launching their own venture. You already have a solid audience base that might be suitable for giving him the jump start he needs. Once you write and share an article about him, you did your part to help, in a way of course. Another way to implement this idea is letting someone else share their blog with your audience because you have a good relationship or respect their insights, and you feel what they have to say will be well received by your subscribers.

You Definitely Shouldn’t Submit Blog Posts to Get Links

The matter of the fact is that there is a big misconception when it comes to link-building strategies. Contradictory to what business owners and search engine optimization consultants think, submitting guest articles to any random website or publication is less likely to improve your visibility on Google search results unless it’s a really good website. Google are changing their algorithms from time to time and at the moment it is not accepted as it once was. The bottom line is that you should be guest blogging for the exposure and opportunity to build relationships and not for spamming the internet with your articles. Don’t waste your time chasing back-links, because they are not going to help you as you probably thought.

The Way You Offer and Accept Guest Blogs Is Important

Now that we have pointed out two good reasons why you might consider submitting guest posts and one for why not (which it highly overrated and obsolete), let’s look at how you submit guest posts.

This of the approach as a B2B sales process. Ideally, you would build a relationship with a blogger before you reach out and let them know what you have to share, while making it clear you have got or will write content that resonates with their audience. This is an where transparency and knowledge regarding the targeted audience will pay the biggest dividends. Always remember that you are looking to form strategic relationships – you are not looking to create a one-time post, right? You are looking for a situation in which you can periodically submit new thoughts to be pushed with your new network of websites that can spread the word about your brand, products or services.

Moving to the next point: you should plan on doing more than one guest post. Just as Rome built in a day, same goes with building lasting relationships with others. This also is true when it comes to you being more established in the mind of your targeted audience, your brand’s name recognition and so on. Take the time to get to know the websites and publications you are targeting, and then work to gain the attention of owners, editors, and readers. It might take a while, but the effort is worth it.

Is it Time to Start Guest Posting?

I think that if you have a well-written post, there are a lot of positive things that can come from it. If you send it to the right targeted audience it is even better. Now, this is especially true when you are just starting out and readers might not be familiar with your name, face, or brand. By sharing your ideas with a wider audience, you can cast a wider net, gain the confidence you need and have your own voice, and potentially meet others who will read your materials in the future.

My perspective is that guest blogging works, but only if you do it the right way, and with the right intentions. Start by getting to know your audience and building your website and blog.

Elan Kol
Elan Kol
Elan has an unsurpassed level of knowledge in his field of expertise. If you need help with your growing business, we are here to provide business consulting services, coaching and business mentoring to support your business development. Elan is a strong strategic thinker with great eye for detail and is also both creative and innovative, which gives him the ability to deliver exceptional results for both client companies and owned or started ventures.

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