Pokémon GO - Revenue, I Choose You!
Pokémon GO – Revenue, I Choose You!
June 12, 2017
The Good, The Bad and The Product
The Good, The Bad and The Product
June 26, 2017

Failure: Let Go of Everything You Fear to Lose

Failure: Let Go of Everything You Fear to Lose

During a person’s lifespan, one is facing numerous challenges. However, given the same circumstances, every individual will respond differently. For example, two different people each facing the loss of his job because of a corporate merger or acquisition. Although their situations are the same, their responses could not be more different.

The first individual is having a terrible time, to the point that he had doesn’t know how to process this situation and find a quick solution. The second one on the other hand is excitedly planning what to do next to create a new way to be successful. This the same situation and the variables that led to such widely different responses are the intriguing part of this tale.

Why is that you ask? Due to different backgrounds and experience.

The following is based on true events:

Tom, the first individual in our story was struggling and there is a very simple explanation for that. He had it easy all his life. He had a perfect childhood in a loving, stable home, the best schools, graduation from a top college followed by a great job obtained with his father’s assistance. He married his college sweetheart and they had a beautiful family with a nice home and two cars.

Jimmy, the second individual, came from a very different background. His parents got divorced when he was twelve years old, and he was mostly lonely growing up as an only child. Money was scarce and he always had an after school job. After graduation he worked double shifts and had the only education option for him was to go to a city collage. After graduation he got a solid entry-level job and made his way up the ladder with hard work and dedication. Eventually, becoming a high level manager at his global firm. He married a woman he had met at a soup kitchen, and they had two boys going to preschool.

There you have it, same circumstances, different outcome due to several main life factors. It was about experiencing, hardship, struggle, challenge and coping and learning from them. Failure doesn’t mean the game is over, it means try again with experience. Each time we take a risk and it fails, another opportunity will come our way. Now, be brave and don’t look back. Use your own strength and keep on rebuilding inner resources.

Ilya Gromzin
Ilya Gromzin
Ilya is a philosophic software developer that has keen analytical skills to learn new insights about the world. He is focused and dedicated to produce his very best at all times and has the ability to deal with uncertainty and dislocation. Ilya loves to take long walks to clear his mind or to talk about everything business, marketing, social media, tech related and of course, the meaning of life.

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