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July 3, 2017
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July 17, 2017

Iron Man: Business Lessons for Entrepreneurs

Iron Man - Business Lessons for Entrepreneurs

Now that the new Spiderman is out, I felt it was a good time to release another blog about one of our biggest inspirations in the entrepreneurial world, Tony Stark. Tony Stark aka Iron Man is a genius, a billionaire, a playboy, and a philanthropist. While the tech entrepreneur Elon Musk is the real life Iron Man, many entrepreneurs consider Iron Man their inspiration. In the first Avengers movie, Iron Man told Captain America: “I think I would just cut the wire”, indicating that he would always find a better and faster way to approach a task (without sacrifice himself in the process as a lot of superheroes often do).

As cheesy as it may sound, one can learn a lot from a fictional character. This is why I assembled a full list with Iron Man’s most profound attributes which can come in handy for entrepreneurs:

Be Resourceful & A Risk Taker

Although Tony Stark had inherited his company and the billions which came with it when his father Howard Stark died, he still relies mostly on his genius and finesse. For instance, when he was captured by a group of Afghani terrorists, he used his skills as a machinist and designed a weapon in order to free himself from that dire situation. This experience was led him to create what became the prototype for his Iron Man suit. This is one of many ways Tony Stark’s was willing to take risks and this is what entrepreneurs love about him.

Be Real & Make Mistakes

As you may know, the first prototype of Iron Man wasn’t the final version of the suit. Tony Stark made some nice twerks and tweaks throughout the movies with Mark I, II, III, XLII (42) and so on. He never expected the first one to be the perfect version. He act like a real entrepreneur as he makes mistakes and learns from them in order to move forward. That’s what makes him so relatable. Like anyone out there who is testing out a new idea, he believed in giving it the best he can, and learning from every endeavor.

Be Creative & Evolve

While most superheroes have supernatural powers, Tony Stark’s greatest power is his mind. He has an amazing ability to come up with new and creative solutions for his problems. Whether when he decided to challenge Loki single-highhandedly or rethink a business model for one of his products, Tony Stark’s real power is the ability to be creative and think on his feet.

Be Fearless

Tony Stark truly believes in leading by example; he has never believed in hiding who Iron Man really is. All the other superheroes have alter egos: Superman is Clark Kent to the real world, Spider Man is Peter Parker and Batman is Bruce Wayne, but everyone knows who Iron Man is! If you saw the third movie, you certainly remember how he had the guts to challenge his nemesis on television and even gives out his home address. Although it wasn’t the best of his moments in my honest opinion, it is still admirable.

Be a Fun Person

Sassy and fun-loving, nobody can ever accuse Tony Stark of being boring. “Let’s take the day off, I know this great place where you get Shawarma, you’ve tried Shawarma,” he says after taking a nuclear missile to outer space to destroy a spacecraft. Tony Stark always finds humor in every situation, sometimes even in the direst of them all. “Performance issues, the best of us have it,” is what he told Loki, a god minutes away before launching an intergalactic war.

Be Precise

“Sir, Mark III is not yet ready for deployment.”, “Then quit the spinning wheels Jarvis.We’re on the clock here.” Tony Stark knew that his suit wasn’t ready for deployment, and yet he was willing to take his chances. Even when he was warned that his suit didn’t have the power to carry him to outer space he just went ahead launched himself through the ‘doorway’.

Tony Stark believes that his nemesis, adversaries and other super-villains compromise world peace. The true adversaries and other super-villains are those who get in the way of his path to improving humanity’s chances for survival. Although he built Ultron, he also made sure that he dismantled him in the end. Tony Stark always finds the best way to comes up with an optimal solution which is the basic and most useful trait an entrepreneur can have.

Elan Kol
Elan Kol
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